Building bikes for kids since 1998



Who is bikes for tikes?

Bikes for Tikes is an organization of friends and family who come together to do something good for kids at Christmas.  We're not a company, a corporation, or a real charity right now.  What we are, is real and doing a real thing for kids in our communities.  It's not feeding the hungry, and it's not saving lives.  Those are very worthy causes, too.  Fact is, we're making memories that kids will remember forever, and we think that's a very worthy cause.  Your assistance in delivering a little joy this Christmas makes all the difference!  Read our story here!

What we actually do

1) We buy & build bicycles.

2) We donate those bicycles to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots.

3) Those bikes make their way to needy kids all over the region.

4) Eat cookies.

How can I contribute?

Donating Money

Raising money is the hardest part of what we do.  Since we're not a corporation or a 501c(3) organization *(yet)* soliciting donations can be fairly difficult.  Still, we are able to raise money and do a pretty good thing since we're donating all of our money raised by way of purchasing bikes and donating them to the Marine Corps Toys for Tots drive in the Shenandoah Valley.


A bike costs us anywhere from $25 to $50 most places.  The second hardest thing we do is shopping for bikes!  (We're always looking for a deal.)  Your donation helps us put a bike in a deserving child's hands on Christmas morning!


If you'd like to donate, you can do so by clicking on this button or mailing a check (Payable to Shawn or Nikki Lucas, please) to us at:


Shawn or Nikki Lucas

C/O Front Royal Moose Lodge

1340 John Marshall Highway

Front Royal, VA 22630


Donating a BIKE

Our goal is to provide bikes on Christmas to needy kids.  We really don't care how we get them or where they come from. (As long as they're acquired legally, of course!)  That said, if you feel more comfortable purchasing your own bike for donation, we'll be accepting new bikes for donation at the Front Royal Moose Lodge in Front Royal, Virginia.  Bikes can be assembled OR unassembled.  We cannot accept used bikes at this time, unfortunately.  Toys for Tots asks for new, unwrapped gifts at this time of year.


Front Royal Moose Lodge

1340 John Marshall Highway

Front Royal, VA 22630


Ben Auterback, Administrator

DONATING your time

We are building the bikes we have purchased and collected on December 16, 2017 at 4PM at the Front Royal Moose Lodge.  As we get closer to the date we'll post more information about the event!  Stay tuned.  In the meantime, plan to come out and give us a hand turning some wrenches (and lots and LOTS of quality control) to put these gifts together for the kids.


Social media

We're on Facebook!  Like us & share us!  Tell everyone how this great cause is bringing a little Christmas joy to less fortunate kids.


C/O Front Royal Moose Lodge #829

1340 John Marshall Highway

Front Royal, VA 22630